About Us

Once I quit a large jewelry company and opened a small, but my own online jewelry store. At that time, jewelry online stores were still exotic. Some manufacturers even refused to sell the goods to us – it seemed so wild to them to sell silver jewelry “at a distance”. But the innovation was quite appreciated by customers. For many, the opportunity to finally find something unusual, slowly looking at the photos and getting it personally, turned out to be a true fulfillment of a dream.

Communicating with online shoppers has provided an incredibly valuable experience. And you know what I thought a lot when my colleague and I discussed the idea of ​​an information portal? I thought that it is sad when a woman completely refuses to wear jewelry, because she can not choose from the same assortment in stores. He does not see anything in tune with his image. And how wrong when there is not enough information about the decoration and its composition, for example – how the stone insert was obtained. A separate topic is the numerous myths about how to wear earrings or rings, on which hand or finger, which stones or metals will not suit you or even worsen life. For some reason, it is these unknown whose instructions are especially put aside in the head, making it difficult to do as you feel.

We will try so that the portal can find answers to most jewelry questions from a variety of people. Already in our reviews of jewelry you can find many unusual jewelry of different styles – with photos and directions where you can buy these things.

We are interested in making JeweleryTrends.Fashion both useful and interesting. Therefore, all pages of the site are open for comment, and we will be glad to hear your questions and suggestions on new topics of articles and cooperation!

I will be glad to answer your letters: Admin@JewelleryTrends.Fashion

Our Jewelry Experts

Carol Gustafson

“When you are in jewelry, I know who you are.”
“The ring is a symbol of belonging to a particular faith, man, clan, community …”
“Earrings are sexy, with their help we give signs. What do we do when we like a man? We play an earring, revealing the back of the wrist. This is nature, it is stronger than us. And bracelets are generally pure sex.”
“You can wear two carat earrings donated by a man to please him, but there is nothing about you in this jewelry. A diamond is a beautiful stone, but it is silent.”


Arnold Hinkle

“Expensive jewelry does not have to be perfect. After all, each of us is not perfect. Who said that a pearl with a tubercle is bad? It is just special.”
“Beads just hanging and lying on your chest are different beads. A ring needs a hand, earrings need a neck. Always measure jewelry because they need a woman.”
“Jewelry, like underwear, must be chosen carefully, listening to the sensations. Although, of course, there are such masterpieces akin to high heels – uncomfortable, but chic.”



Robin Hanson

“Pearls have a cosmetic effect – it refreshes any woman, at any age.”
“Wear beautiful jewelry every day. After all, maybe today you will go out and meet Fate.”
“Men always pay attention to extraordinary jewelry, because they speak for you. For many men it is a good sign, they like women who are something of themselves.”
“The tendency to have jewelry, whose value is obvious, we have been accustomed to men – this is their way to demonstrate the size of love.”


Timothy Eubank

“Jewelry, like money, loves reciprocity, they come to those who love them.”
“Do not be afraid to wear everything together – silver, gold, jewelry. If jewelry suits you, wear them as you like. There are no unacceptable combinations.”
“It is unacceptable to wear only what does not suit you. And the only limiting factor is the dress code.”
“Everyday jewelry and those that deserve to be family jewels are different. There are things out of time. They are easy to recognize – it is impossible to determine from them when they were made.”


Regina Kirby

“Baby jewelry is mom’s implementation.”
“I’m annoyed by the same things from my friends, a combination of shorts with diamonds and beautiful jewelry on women who are unworthy of these jewelry.”
“You should not consider jewelry as a good investment. In difficult times, you can sell them no more than half. The only advantage of such an investment is that you can always take it with you.”
“Teaching women to wear jewelry is a huge joy, and I believe that this will count towards me.”